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Who wouldn’t want to receive all necessary services at 1 address?

As part of the full-service concept, we in addition to production also provide assembly and logistical services. If you choose for production by GDK, you can count on our full attention and care, from idea to delivery at home. This can be as a link in a just-in-time process, but also the complete process of production including assembly, packaging, and delivery. Having the entire process provided by 1 director has various advantages; reducing the chance of errors; speed, and ultimately reduction of link costs. A clear win-win proposition

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The full-service concept

Your injection moulding specialist with expertise

How does one become an injection moulding specialist? There are of course training programmes that teach the basics of injection moulding, machines, thermoplastics, and moulds. Machine suppliers pay a lot of attention to instructing operators and technicians. This is all basic knowledge which can be acquired. The real expertise, however, is gained through hours of work. At GDK, we bring hundreds of thousands of hours of experience to the table. Knowledge that we’re happy to share through advice and inspiration for new possibilities.
Thus, the idea that good things come from far away doesn’t fly for us. We’re happy to discuss which challenges you’re facing and to think with you in terms of possibilities over a cup of coffee. Our machines can be deployed very flexibly. Every configuration is consciously overdimensioned in options because we prefer to think in terms of possibilities. Are you curious about our specialist knowledge? We’d like to let a few of our clients do the talking. Your coffee is waiting.

Good tools are half the job.

At our modern machine park with 16 CNC controlled injection moulding machines with closing force of 25-420 tons, products are manufactured ranging from < 1 gram to about 2 kg. GDK Plastics is also able to make products stronger, lighter, and more visually attractive using gas injection. Robotisation holds no secrets for GDK. In fact, we help robot manufacturers with feedback to make their products even more effective and efficient.
This often allows us to take on assignments that can easily be produced in the Netherlands from a cost point of view. Without difficult language conversions and delivery uncertainties. The power of national production is possible thanks to modern machinery.

Assembly possibilities.

In addition to development and production, we also provide assembly (for example, through ultrasonic welding) and/or printed products, if desired by our client. In many cases, this concerns complex products with electronics and moving parts. Important added value forms total logistics. Purchase of non-plastic parts which are required for assembly is fully taken care of by GDK Plastics. The client receives the complete end product and doesn’t have to worry about logistical hassle. It has now been amply proven that this approach is very much appreciated by our customers!

Logistical possibilities.

The goal of GDK Plastics BV is to provide customers with the best possible service by offering them the possibility of call-off orders. We of course also take care of the transport, ultrasonic welding with a state-of-the-art machine, and assembly. Upon request, GDK Plastics BV also takes care of assembly and the purchase of required non-plastic items. We call this total logistics. Because of this system, the company is able to keep delivery times as short as possible. Our customers regularly approach us with rush orders and we can deliver this partly or in some cases even completely from stock. As such, we often hear from customers that the company is very flexible and willing to go the extra mile for customers.

Are you curious about our specialist knowledge?

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