Injection moulding

SpuitgietenThe main activity of GDK Plastics BV is plastic injection moulding. Injection moulding is the most important way of processing plastic. For the fabricage of massa products it is also the cheapest production method. Although the pricipe of injection moulding is simple there are a lot of parameters which influence quality. Therfor it is neccesary to structurate the process, so a constant quality of products is guaranteed.

Craftsmanship is an absolute must have!

Due to the use of technical high quality plastics and moderne CNC injection moulding machines we are able produce at the high quality standards of our customers.

We often use plastics with additives which can give the products specific qualifications. We work with fibreglass, carbon fibre, aramid fibre and molybdenum plastics. Besides we have focussed on the use of thermoplastic foam moulding.

For injection moulding innovation, quality and efficiency is very important. With our fully automized machinepark we are able to produce 24/7.